Collective Impact and Impact Spheres

Collective Impact and Impact Spheres

Sheatufim advances collective impact and impact sphere as two strategies for solving social problems in Israel


Collective Impact

Sheatufim promotes collective impact as a strategy for solving social problems in Israel. Its underlying assumption is that complex social problems cannot be resolved by a single organization and that inter-organizational collaborations are, for the most part, also unable to address them adequately. Consequently, there is a need for long-term cross-sector collaboration which involve all key stakeholders and operates based on distinct characteristics.

The Collective Impact model, developed by the FSG consulting firm in the United States, underscores 5 essential elements:  common agenda, shared measurement, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication and a backbone organization.

In keeping with that approach and in light of our long-standing experience with the nonprofit sector, we developed a unique model called "impact spheres." The model is intended for CEOs of non-profit organizations who are advancing a common social issue. The aim is to enable those CEOs and their organizations to enhance their social impact by working in a shared sphere.

Sheatufim views collective impact and impact spheres as two key strategies that can be used to promote systemic social impact: collective impact is a model that incorporates shared action and partnership between the three sectors, whereas impact spheres are a special framework for third sector organizations. Both strategies, which rely on a common theoretical foundation and methodology, can operate independently or as a model that integrates them.


Sheatufim seeks to advance collective impact through five main conduits:


1. By leading collective impact initiatives at the national level: Since 2013, Sheatufim serves as the backbone organization of the 5X2 Initiative, whose aim is to broaden the circle of excellence in Math, Physics, Chemistry and Technology.

2. By providing consulting and facilitation services to collective impact initiatives: since 2015, Sheatufim has assisted the team that runs the collective impact initiative dealing with employment in the Arab sector .

3. By providing consulting and facilitation services to impact sphere initiatives: Sheatufim facilitated "Hamerhav – Leading Change, Championing a Vision" – which is a civic initiative undertaken by CEOs of organizations and activists from the Ethiopian community in Israel. "Hamerhav" seeks to have an impact both on the Ethiopian community as well as Israeli society as a whole.

4. By forming a professional community of collective impact leaders in Israel: Sheatufim runs the "Hamigrash – Leading Collective Impact" program – which is a learning platform for collective impact and impact sphere leaders in Israel.

5. By developing and studying the collective impact model and tailoring it to Israeli society and culture: Sheatufim promotes the development of tools and professional knowledge pertaining to various aspects of the collective impact model, achieved by tracking how it has been implemented in the field both in Israel and overseas.