Collective Impact and Impact Spheres

What do we mean when we say Collective Impact?

Bringing people together to create social change


Collective Impact

The Collective Impact approach is an innovative model for addressing complex social issues through cross-ci modelsector collaborations. In recent years, the model has been widely adopted in Israel and around the world.

Collective Impact, developed and promoted by the American consulting firm FSG, defines five basic principles of collaborative action for solving complex social problems. The approach is based on the claim that in order to solve such problems, we must include all relevant stakeholders from the social and public sectors, private business, academia and philanthropy, and to formulate common goals and objectives.

Behind every Collective Impact initiative stands a strong backbone organization – a dedicated convener that manages, supports, motivates and ensures that all parties act in a coordinated manner.

Collective Impact – our way

Sheatufim serves as a Backbone Organization for Collective Impact initiatives, and also advises other collaborative processes in Israel.

In 2013, we became the Backbone Organization of the first Collective Impact initiative established in Israel – the TOP15 initiative (previously named the 5×2 Initiative) dedicated to expanding the circle of excellence in STEM education.

As of 2021, we are leading two more Collective Impact initiatives – one in the field of gender-based violence, and another dealing with loneliness and quality of life of the elderly.

We also develop knowledge and tools for cross-sector collaborative action and collective impact, and share them with the world through the 'Studio for Collaborative Social Processes', which offers consulting, training and a variety of learning programs for seniors from the social, business and public sectors.

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