Philanthropy Development

Developing Philanthropy

Fostering a Culture of Strategic Giving in Israel


Active, effective and inclusive philanthropy is one of the pillars of a healthy and thriving civil society. It provides third sector organizations with an economic engine for growth, innovation and sustainability and is an element of active citizenship.

Sheatufim promotes and nurture a culture of Israeli strategic philanthropy. Strategic philanthropy encourages citizens who have achieved financial success to become social investors, partner with organizations in the third, business and government sectors, and implement solutions to social problems in the country.

Sheatufim offers philanthropists and foundations directors consulting and impactful investment opportunities by joining collective impact national initiatives. In the newly established "Israel Philanthropy Institute", we offer cross-sector professional development and enrichment in the field of philanthropy to senior executives from the government, third sector organizations, businesses, private and corporate philanthropy.

Our action strategies include:

• Enhancing the role of philanthropy in collective impact initiatives
• Cross-sector undertakings designed to develop philanthropy and foster giving
• "The Israel Philanthropy Institute" – an applied professional development seminar for senior personnel from the philanthropy, non-profit and government sectors, held annually
• Planning and running cross-sector professional development programs dealing with philanthropy
• Consultation, facilitation and training for philanthropists

For more information, please contact Ronit Segelman, the Director of the Philanthropy Field at Sheatufim: