Social Management

Social Management

Broadening the social impact of non-profit sector CEOs

Social Management

Social management at Sheatufim promotes and enhances the social impact of CEOs who work in the third (nonprofit) sector. We aim to build their capacities in a number of ways: through the Sheatufim Forum for Social CEOs, by implementing social management methodologies in select frameworks and by providing professional responses to inquires received from the CEOs.

Our core activities


Professional development frameworks for Social CEOs:

  • The Sheatufim Forum for non-profit CEOs: groups of professional peers study social management theory and discuss management issues of interest to them, both in their roles as CEOs of organizations as well as impact leaders in Israel's third sector.
  • The Social CEO's Desktop: a database consisting of manuals and tools for CEOs that deal with a variety of social management topics.
  • Social Management is a Profession: developing a social management theory in Israel.


Impact spheres:

  • Formulating an impact sphere strategy in Israel: impact spheres are a novel action framework for CEOs of social organizations, which enable them to spearhead broad-based impact in the shared social arena they operate in. The working assumption is that a meaningful action framework shared by a variety of prominent stakeholders, all of whom are involved in a particular social field, will advance wide-ranging social impact.
  • Professional facilitation of the impact sphere of the Ethiopian community in Israel: a civic initiative that was undertaken by CEOs and activists from the Ethiopian community who believe that genuine collaboration can promote widespread and large-scale impact on the Ethiopian community as well as Israeli society as a whole.
  • "Hamigrash": a program for collective impact and impact sphere leaders in Israel
  • Professional facilitation or consulting services for impact spheres in the third sector